As it relates to the Fabric Of Space, what is Nothing? How could the concept of Nothing possibly be the most important ingredient in building the Fabric Of Space?

The Fabric Of Space emerges from Something and Nothing. To clarify, the 'Fabric Of Space' may be called a Perfect Vacuum or Empty Space. A Perfect Vacuum contains no matter. It only contains the Fabric Of Space. The concept of Nothing excludes even the very Fabric Of Space. I sometimes call Nothing a Void.

The relationships that emerge from an understanding of Nothing lead to the Fabric Of Space. The concept of Nothing falls outside of our reality. Thus, our minds initially reject those relationships. There is no word in our language that conveys the physical meaning of Nothing.

The implications of Nothing will be explored more thoroughly in future ThursdayThoughts. Meanwhile, ponder Something surrounded by Nothing. In the absence of Magic, the Something would have no way of knowing its motion or lack of motion relative to other Somethings. The Somethings would have completely chaotic motion relative to each other.

How could chaotic motion possibly build the universe around us? This is the dilemma we face.


Extension gives meaning to the measurement of distance. Measurement lacks meaning in a complete Void or Nothing. Extension does not exist in a Void. Can we build the Fabric Of Space without Extension?

The realm of Something and Nothing belies our concept of reality. As Alice in Wonderland said, 'curiouser and curiouser'.

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