Slowing ... .. .


Last week ThursdayThoughts raised an important question. If the embedded clocks of distant space speed up the clocks that are closer to the matter, then the closer embedded clocks must slow down the clocks of distant space. The question is: "What keeps the clocks of distant space from slowing down?"

The answer is: "Nothing." As seemingly strange as it sounds, the embedded clocks of distant space continually slow down. Think about the meaning of this. This slowing of time guides us through an evocative journey. This is a crux thought.

What does it even mean for the clocks of distant space to continually slow down? This question can be answered by employing a thought experiment.

If matter provides the braking mechanism that slows time, then if all matter could be removed this would result in a non-slowing embedded clock of space. There is no way to carve out a piece of space containing no matter, but this illustrates a standard clock with the universe not slowing down.

Should we worry about the universe stopping? We can dispense with the worry about stopping; and almost dispense with the slowing itself. The universe continually slows at the same rate. Paradoxically, the universe doesn't slow at all according to the clocks and everything else in it.

Ramifications of a slowing universe will be explored in future ThursdayThoughts. This runs much deeper than one might expect.

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