& Motion

electron twist

Electron motion leads to space both twisting and moving. We know this as electromagnetism.

Examine the spiral path taken by the donut particle in the above image. That path has a handedness. Connected donut links must have the same handedness. Our connected universe must have a handedness.

This handedness gives the donut link an orientation which repeats every four links. For a connecting chain segment to change its connecting link, the chain segments involved in the electron's motion must twist by 90 degrees.

If we consider an electron traveling the same circular path we find that a distortion builds up in the space fabric due to the connections moving. This distortion is called the electric field. The electric field build-up is relieved by a connected strand of chain segments moving in the direction opposite that of the electron. This motion of space is the magnetic vector potential.

A variety of effects result from the motion of space. Prominent among these effects is the need for space to act as a harmonic oscillator. Quantum Entanglement may also be directly related to this motion. These topics will be discussed in future ThursdayThoughts.

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