The electron consists of a chain segment in the fabric of space that contains one less link. This missing link introduces a twist in the chain segment. The links in twisted chain segments cannot be perfectly aligned. Misalignment causes a loss of motion that we know as time dilation. The gradient of time dilation creates what we know as gravity.

The slowing from misalignment varies directly with the frequency of the contact. We identify this slowing of time as mass.

Slowing of time reduces the effective mass of nearby bodies by reducing the frequency of contacts. The reduction in mass leads to the force of gravity.

An electron consists of a twist in space. It seems likely the electron's mass comes entirely from its charge. In an upcoming ThursdayThought we will examine how the structure of the electron relates to the ratio of electromagnetic to gravitational forces between two electrons.

We will find that the structure discussed in previous ThursdayThoughts ties prominently into the calculation of this ratio for the electron.

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