Last week ThursdayThoughts calculated the g-force/e-force ratio between two electrons. This week's thought discusses possible errors in the calculation. Refer to last week's thought for the numbers referenced here.

Possible error sources include:

    1.  The many factors resulting from the geometry;

    2.  The 4/3 portion of the adjusting factor;

    3.  The alpha squared factor; and

    4.  Other sources.

The factors based on the geometry developed over 45 years independently from the ratio. They were found in stages with each stage based on earlier stages. No factor changed from its initial value. I have high confidence in this part of the calculation.

The 4/3 is a balancing factor. Three likely comes from the three chain segments attached to each end link. One of the two's comes from each link contacting two other links. I don't know the source of the other two.

Alpha squared was needed to balance results. I know some connecting factor is needed, but do not know how to calculate it. Alpha, the fine structure constant, is also known as the electromagnetic coupling constant. It seems odd to me that it is squared. I encourage comments on this.

The electron is viewed as stationary for the geometry. It is possible that motion alters the results, but I suspect motion is wrapped up in alpha.

Next week ThursdayThoughts will consider implications of the g-force/e-force calculation.

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