Only a bottom-up path exists for discovering Nature's Universe. Ultimately, the correctness of the path requires it to work with all phenomena, known and unknown.

I embarked on a journey 45 years ago to follow Nature's path from the bottom-up. The journey involved many challenging thought paths. Top-down emergent processes invent concepts, like the Big Bang. In upcoming weeks ThursdayThoughts considers how well phenomena fit the Big Bang model compared to Nature's Universe.

Nature's Universe does not compare directly with the Big Bang. The Big Bang is a computational model with detailed relationships to compare with observation. Nature's Universe develops from metaphysics. It provides concepts, but lacks detailed relationships that come from modeling.

Until Nature's Universe is modeled it is only a concept. One cannot say it is better than the Big Bang. There are numerous conceptual models for the universe. Nature's Universe distinguishes itself from others by being the only one that develops from a bottom-up foundational logic.

Next week ThursdayThoughts will consider Dark Energy that appears to cause an acceleration of the red-shift. My thoughts have shifted on this topic.

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