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While preparing for ThursdayThought 017, I mentioned metaphysics to my wife. She told me that metaphysics had not been discussed in ThursdayThoughts. This was my oversight. Hence, this week's ThursdayThought carries the label 001.5.

Thought 001, Something & Nothing, splits the thought path into two segments. One path segment journeys from Something and Nothing to the Fabric of Space. The other path segment moves from the Fabric of Space to physics of the world around us. These two thought path segments may be considered "metaphysics" and "physics".

Metaphysical thoughts concern the processes which create and maintain the fabric of space. Physical thoughts concern the interactions between anomalies (matter) or dynamics (fields) in the fabric of space. Metaphysical entities follow metaphysical rules of interaction. Physical entities follow physical rules of interaction.

The metaphysics of ThursdayThoughts avoids the abstract vagueness one usually expects. The metaphysics of ThursdayThoughts develops from a concrete and metaphysically real foundation. In our physical world we can only see the effects resulting from the metaphysical world. There is no way to directly see the metaphysical world.

The actual thought journey involved much conjecture and rejection of ideas. ThursdayThoughts only includes thought paths that actually worked. ThursdayThoughts is not a forum for debating the correct thought journey. Rather, it's purpose is to describe the steps in my thought journey.

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