Philosophers debate the beginnings of all that exists. Often we hear mention of Something and of Nothing. What are Something and Nothing? What connection do they have with the physics of our existence?

Try to imagine any logic path by which the world around us could emerge from the ultimate simplicity of Something and Nothing. Does anyone believe this is even possible?

It is helpful to split the path into two segments. One segment goes from Something and Nothing to the Fabric of Space. The other segment goes from the Fabric of Space to physics of the world around us.

Every Thursday, the Facebook page "ThursdayThoughts@FabricOfSpace" will provide a thought to digest. These thoughts eventually lead one down a seemingly impossible logic path that merges with known physics. Please ask questions along the way. Others likely have the same or similar questions.

Any path of this nature worthy of traveling must at some point provide useful answers. This path is solid and it provides answers that can help physics surmount the hurdles it faces.

Note: This is the inaugural posting for ThursdayThoughts@FabricOfSpace. Your questions will help make it work. Questions directed at the weekly thought itself on Facebook are particularly appreciated.