As it relates to the Fabric Of Space, what is Something? Why is it a fundamental starting point?

Think about simple as compared to complex. For Something to be complex it must have distinguishable characteristics. All Somethings are indistinguishable from each other. They are the most simple thing possible. Otherwise, they would not be the starting point.

Consider granularity. In order for an object to have granularity we must be able to distinguish differences in the object at some level. If we can distinguish differences then we are not dealing with that which is most simple. Something at the most simple level must be the same throughout. Perhaps even the characteristic of size cannot exist.

One tries to relate Something to our understandings of matter. Something exists in a context outside of our understandings since it forms the Fabric Of Space itself. Looking ahead, we will find that understanding the characteristics of Something is not as important as understanding its behavior.

Why Something exists at all is a mystery. We will later find indirect evidence that Something likely exists. This indirect evidence emerges from the meaningful structure and results that develop from assuming it exists. From a commonsense standpoint we could conjecture that our universe would not exist at all if there were only Nothing. However, we must be cautious when using 'commonsense' at this level.

Next week's ThursdayThought will be Pushing.

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