ThursdayThoughts has been closing many doors. Concepts that are not understandable have been excluded. If we include a concept that is not understandable then we will fail to understand the process. This week we will close yet another important door by the name of Pulling. Instead, we will only allow Pushing.

With all of these closed doors and only two concepts Something and Nothing, both of which lack characteristics, it may seem laughable to proceed.

When we consider the physical world from the very small to the very large everything is held together by some form of Pulling. The form of Pulling might be called gravity, electromagnetism, strong force, weak force or something else. You may recall that we closed the door that allowed Magic, where Magic is something that can't be explained.

Without an intervening medium of some fashion all of the Pulling forces seem to fall into the category of Magic at least on the level of Something and Nothing.

We can't have one Something sticking to another because sticking is just another way of saying that one of the aforementioned forces is being used. Consider billiard balls. They don't Pull each other. Instead, they Push each other in some fashion.

If everything is held together by Pulling, how can we ever hope to build the Fabric Of Space by only allowing Pushing?

It seems we have closed too many doors. Next week we will find that all of these closed doors allow us to open a new door. Stay tuned!

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