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The Mechanism of Gravity divides into three parts: Origin of Gravity; Propagation Effect of Gravity; and Impact on the Universe. Viewing it differently we could divide Gravity into these three parts: Beginning; Middle; and Result. Physics focuses almost entirely on the Middle. There is much more.

Recall last week from Thought 015, Time Dilation, that we reversed the cause and effect between gravity and time dilation. In future thoughts we will find that this reversal spawns seemingly inescapable logic about the nature of gravity. This week ThursdayThoughts limits consideration to the Origin of Gravity.

Thought 13, Twisted, introduced twisted chain segments. With twisted chain segments it is not possible to achieve perfectly parallel contact between adjacent Donut Particles. There is always some misalignment creating a collision angle.

The canceling of opposing motion between colliding Donut Particles slightly slows the donut clock motion. This slowing introduces time dilation which leads to gravity. This slowing is also what constitutes mass. In other words, mass doesn't cause slowing; rather, mass is synonymous with the slowing caused by matter.

This seems to explain the Origin of Gravity. Keep in mind that I didn't just decide to view gravity as caused by time dilation. This view derives directly from understanding how the fabric of space evolves from the realm of Something and Nothing. Few people allow their minds to travel this realm in a definitive manner.

General relativity (GR) with a spacetime continuum has repeatedly provided remarkable predictions and accuracy over the last century. We will find in future thoughts that considering time dilation to be the cause of gravity deviates from general relativity. This is not a trivial issue. The time dilation approach must closely conform with GR over the range that GR has been tested.

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