This week ThursdayThoughts considers Gravitational Time Dilation, a phenomenon closely related to gravity as its name suggests. The Origin of Gravity will be deferred to next Thursday. Gravitational Time Dilation is a crux thought.

Gravitational Time Dilation refers to space fabric embedded clocks that run more slowly than a reference clock. Physicists normally consider matter to cause gravity and gravity to cause time dilation. A problem with this view arises because gravity is a field, rather than a mechanism. ThursdayThoughts deals with mechanisms. It disallows the Magic of a field.

Fortunately, there is a fix for this problem. ThursdayThoughts considers matter to cause time dilation and time dilation to cause gravity. We reverse the cause-and-effect between time dilation and gravity. Gravitational Time Dilation can readily be viewed as a mechanism. Viewing gravity as caused by time dilation reveals many subtleties about the nature of gravity.

The last two ThursdayThoughts, Twisted and Clocks, touched on relationships between embedded clocks in the fabric of space. We will discover a great deal more about these relationships in future thoughts.

Next week ThursdayThoughts considers the origin of gravity.

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