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ThursdayThoughts selectively presents the journey that produces Nature's Universe.  I exert a serious effort to exclude conjecture and non-productive thoughts.  Thoughts that are labeled "Clues" are an exception to this rule. Clues are intriguing relationships that have not been established as part of this journey.  Clues allow the privilege of conjecture.

"Clues One" (Thought 30) speculated about the Fine Structure Constant and fast leg/slow leg relationships in the electron chain segment(137 links).  "Clues Two" extends these relationships to the space chain segment(138 links).

In order for chain links to be a part of a chain segment, they must interact with adjacent chain links.  In order to interact chain links must synchronize.  This synchronized interaction creates/propagates gravity and electromagnetism.  "Donuts" (Thought 11) illustrates why synchronization is needed.

Synchronized interaction must occur in two respects, timing and angular positions.  Changes in timing relate directly to gravity.  Changes in angular positions relate directly to electromagnetism.

Slow leg/fast leg differences result from chain links interacting.  Clues One only considered the electron chain segment(137 links).  Synchronization must also occur in the space chain segment(138 links).  This has significant electromagnetic field implications.  It could also have gravitational field implications.

Propagation of the electromagnetic field requires one synchronized mode of a space chain segment to change to a second synchronized mode.  This requires a discrete and countable field change to occur.  In order to maintain the level needed for synchronized propagation, the field must propagate through a single stand of the space fabric with one exception.

The field can propagate into two paths only if each of the resulting paths is synchronized.  The sum of the quantity propagated in the two paths must equal the original quantity.  This may provide a clue as to quantum packets and to the Born Rule.  The two split paths would seem to need their energies proportional to the square of two legs of a perfect right triangle.  The incoming path would seem to need energy proportional to the square of the hypotenuse.

The right triangles for which this will work might be limited to those for which synchronous factors match the integral relationships of the triangle legs.

It should be mentioned that magnetism can only take a single path because of the way that space connections work.  See "Twist Mechanics" (Thought 22) for insight into the single path.

The synchronization of space fabric chain segments leads to some interesting relationships about the Fine Structure Constant (alpha).  From "Clues One" we obtained a crude value (7 significant digits) for alpha.  This crude value comes from the expression: (1/137) * (138^2 - 3^2) / (138^2 - 2^2).  If we can associate (138^2 - 3^2) with the space chain segment, and (138^2 - 2^2) with the electron chain segment, this makes some sense.

From "Clues One", we used a very speculative discrete value for Pi in the electron chain segment equal to 355/113.  If we assume that the discrete value for Pi in the electron chain segment parallels a discrete value for Pi in the space chain segment something very interesting happens.  Remember that this Pi discussion remains pure speculation unless it becomes affirmed by some physical logic.  It assumes that Nature requires Pi to be discrete at elementary levels.

Working backwards from alpha contained in the 2018 Codata Fundamental Constants we get a Pi for space equal to (2•3•83•191)/(13•17•137), or 95118/30277.  Divide the space Pi by the electron Pi and apply the result to the crude expression for alpha.  This yields a value for alpha equal to 7.2973525689E-03.  Compare this to Codata values of 7.2973525664(17)E-03 for 2014 and 7.2973525693(11)E-03 for 2018.

It is not a surprise that we get answers close to the Codata values since they were the starting point.  However, there are two features that make this interesting.  One is that the resulting value is surprisingly close which would not be a given.  Of more interest is the factor of 137 that occurs in the denominator of space Pi.  137 is a key synchronizing number of electromagnetism propagating through space.

Speculation has little intrinsic value since one cannot really use speculative results.  It is intriguing to consider that if a metaphysical basis for synchronization supports the speculation then exact values for alpha and the gravitational constant might exist.

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