"Clues Two" (Thought 34) talked about the propagation of something through the Fabric of Space.  That something we will call The Whatzit (what is it).  The Whatzit smells like a photon, but it is too fresh out of the oven to accept this possibility with confidence.

Let's examine the synchronizing mechanism that reveals The Whatzit.  Recall that the Fabric of Space consists of chain segments where the "links" each consist of a single 'something' that travels a toroidal path.  Each link is synchronized with adjacent links so each of their respective 'somethings' makes contact every set number of revolutions.

When a packet of electromagnetic energy transfers through a chain segment, it changes the synchronization by an amount that causes a new synchronization to occur.  It must do this because if a new synchronization does not occur then energy cannot be transferred.

The amount of electromagnetic energy needed to travel synchronously remains the same from one chain segment to the next chain segment.  This requires that the energy transferred must go fully to the next chain segment in order to maintain synchronization.  In the absence of external influences the energy cannot be divided into two recipient chain segments.

The energy size of a synchronization packet can also be an integer multiple of the minimum amount since that would also maintain synchronization.  Energy packet multiples can not be later subdivided into two packets due to energy and momentum requirements.  An exception to this can occur if an external influence balances out the energy and momentum requirements.

Many questions remain unanswered in this thought.  What determines the resulting light frequency or wavelength?  Does the energy size increment in a linear integer fashion; the square of those integers; or, something else? In what fashion does the wave packet build up and diminish?

ThursdayThoughts will take the summer off. This fall ThursdayThoughts will cover the structure of baryons and quarks, together with major quantum conditions and decay mechanisms.

Finally, I have a correction to Thought 34 from last week. The closing paragraph mentions 'gravitational constant'. Instead, it should read 'ratio of gravitational force to electromagnetic force between two electrons'.