This thought about Circles is a crux thought. Please freely ask questions.

Children on a merry-go-round quickly learn to hold firmly or risk being thrown off as the merry-go-round picks up speed. In some fashion we all appreciate the tendency for an object in motion to move in a straight line unless some external force is applied.

Consider for a moment what happens when Something is surrounded by Nothing. Remember, we cannot use Magic. The Something has no knowledge about whether it is motionless, moving in a straight line, or moving in a circle.

In our world, we can see and sometimes feel when we are moving. Our interactions with the Fabric Of Space determine our propensity to move in a straight line. In Nothing (a complete Void lacking even the Fabric Of Space) there is no way to know if motion is circular or straight. A Circle is a stable path of motion.

Even if we logically believe a Circle is a stable path of motion in Nothing, our minds will not readily accept this belief. A Circle being a stable path of motion falls outside of our life experiences. It takes time for this belief to feel natural.

We shall discover that being able to travel in a Circle is a powerful concept. For starters, we now can accomplish Pulling by Pushing from behind.

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