Do you understand why the Circles thought from last week is a crux thought?

In space as we know it, a body tends to travel in a straight line rather than a Circle.

In Nothing, a Circle is a stable path of motion for Something because it is not possible for the Something to even know if it is moving. There is no real meaning to the term Circle in Nothing. I know this is all quite confusing. So, let's see where it leads.

If you can have something traveling in a Circle, then you can have a Circle upon a Circle, upon a Circle, ad infinitum. What kind of a motion path is this?

There is a mathematical analysis tool called Fourier Series. It is not important for us to understand the tool, but it is useful to think about what it means.

A Fourier Series consists of an infinite sum of sines and cosines. It can in theory represent the motion of any periodic path. Does this sound a little like an infinite number of Circles upon Circles? It should.

Any periodic path is possible for Something in Nothing without externally applied forces. This makes some sense when you consider that Something has no way of determining its motion in Nothing.

A logical problem arises when all Somethings have some random path of motion in Nothing. At this point in the logic every Something has a completely random Chaotic motion relative to every other Something. Complete Chaos exists.

Why is this a logical problem? If we have complete Chaos, how can we build a universe that has Order? We need Order. Instead of developing Order, the Somethings are each doing their own random dance.

How do we get Order from Chaos?

Before exploring that question, we first will step back and look at the forest rather than the trees. Next week in ThursdayThoughts we will see our physical world as a 'Slice' of a higher dimension.

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