The ThursdayThoughts page focuses on the 'trees'. This week we examine the 'forest' to better understand our place.

Occasionally one suggests that our reality could be a slice from a higher, more detailed dimension and we only see a small portion of those details. ThursdayThoughts is about the higher dimension. Reality as we know it is only our observable slice of that higher dimension.

Philosophical discussions of what is most fundamental lead to endless musings with little really gained. We have become accustomed to this rambling. ThursdayThoughts doesn't go from thought to thought endlessly. ThursdayThoughts documents the thought process that worked. Believing, even with reservations, that it works will make this journey much easier.

When we think about digging deeper and deeper into the makings of our universe, we usually think about smaller and smaller. After all, smaller parts would seem to make the whole. There comes a point at which smaller has no meaning.

If we dig deeply enough, we encounter the quantum world which has different rules than our ordinary world. It is difficult to dig deeper than the quantum world with any useful degree of confidence.

How can we understand that which is buried so deeply? We can see the results that the buried world exhibits, but not the details of its inner workings. We must somehow figure out the inner workings that happen in a realm that completely belies our understanding of reality.

This inner realm forms the central theme of ThursdayThoughts. It is a realm far removed from our physical reality. This realm requires imagination to grasp. It conforms to rules that differ from our understandings of reality. The inner world is not a fantasy world, but it may better be understood by allowing your mind to travel to seemingly strange places.

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