This is the second crux thought. It came about five years into the process. It took another fifteen challenging years to arrive at the third crux thought.

How do we get Order from Chaos?

Recall that we have Chaos because the Somethings have no awareness of their motion in the Nothing. No information communicates through the Nothing that separates the Somethings.

With all of this how does a Something acquire awareness of its motion relative to another Something? The answer is surprisingly simple.

Two Somethings must contact each other to relate their motions. How does this simple chance contact lead to Order?

When two Somethings contact each other they briefly have a relationship with each other. How the Somethings respond to this contact leads to Order.

Getting Order from Chaos provides a pathway that allows us to continue our journey. This crux process will be detailed in next week's ThursdayThoughts.

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