donut chain

Last Thursday I talked about how spiraling around the surface of a donut was a natural path that resulted when two Somethings happened to contact each other. This metaphysical path was natural only because the travel was through Nothing (a total void). Physical paths in our real world naturally follow a straight line. Travel in our real world occurs in the Fabric of Space rather than in a total void.

For a moment, consider the donut path to be an object. This object looks a great deal like the link of a chain. It also behaves as the link of a chain. Donuts build into a chain in the metaphysical world. It is the behavior of the donuts in the chain that lead to meaningful real world relationships. I do not know how building of the chain happens, but do know it works from the results that emerge.

Explaining the detailed features of a chain exceeds the limits of a ThursdayThoughts snippet. If anyone wants to understand this detail please mention it in the comments and I will direct you to where the details can be found. The main details took about 15 years to understand. They are important, but not suitable for ThursdayThoughts. Instead I will discuss the general nature of the chain segments created by donut links.

Visualize a real untwisted chain with its end links aligned the same direction. Now, remove a link. The end links are not aligned unless you twist the chain. In the Fabric of Space a normal chain segment contains 138 donut chain links (139 if you include both ends, 138 link connections). It has no twist and the end donut chain links are aligned with each other but if one end points up, the other end will point down.

Consider a chain segment in space with one link removed. The chain is twisted to maintain the same end link alignment as occurs in an untwisted chain segment. This twisted chain segment contains 137 donut chain links(138 if you include both ends, 137 link connections).

We can consider one revolution of Something around the donut link to be a unit of time. This gives us a clock built into every part of the Fabric of Space.

Next week's ThursdayThoughts will explore features of the Donut Chain and implications of some features, including gravity and the 138 link calculation.

The image below shows an untwisted chain with 8 links (9 if you count both ends). The image also shows a twisted chain with 7 links (8 if you count both ends).

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