For the remainder of ThursdayThoughts I will refer to Something as a Donut Particle because it helps with the visualization. Remember that a Donut Particle is not what we usually consider a particle. That is just a name we are assigning to it.

Last Thursday we talked about how a Donut Particle traveling a spiral path on the surface of a donut resembled a chain link. We also considered the possibility that the chain links form into a chain segment.

Twisted and untwisted chain segments play an important role in how the fabric of space forms. This week ThursdayThoughts will consider the pivotal role of these chain segments.

Any length of untwisted chain segment can work. When adjacent Dount Particles connect they can do so with a perfectly parallel motion at the moment of contact.

The twisted chain segment that results from removing one donut link yields quite another story. When adjacent Donut Particles connect there is no perfectly parallel motion possible that supports the integer revolution relationships needed for contact to occur.

Each time the twisted chain Donut Particles connect with adjacent donuts there is a misalignment angle. This misalignment angle is resolved by the opposing motions canceling. At the same moment, the resulting direction and velocity of each Donut Particle attain the same value.

A calculation that incorporates donut features is used to test a wide range of possible chain segment lengths for stability. The result of this calculation returns chain lengths for space of 138 links; and chain lengths for the electron of 137 links.

If anyone is interested in reproducing this calculation, please let me know. I will guide you through that process.

Next week ThursdayThoughts discovers hidden clocks. Gravity that was promised last week has been delayed until after clocks.

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