In previous ThursdayThoughts I described how Something traveling a spiral path on the surface of a donut resembles a chain link. The chain links form into a chain segment. Space as we know it consists of a fabric made of these chain segments.

Consider the Donut Particle making one revolution. Consider this to be one unit of time. One revolution is a metaphysical reality. It is also a clock. These clocks exist throughout space and matter and are closely synchronized with neighboring clocks. The rate of time passage follows an orderly relationship with neighboring rates of time passage. One clock can be slightly slower than another, but this difference follows an orderly progression from Donut Particle to Donut Particle.

Our universe can be considered as a conglomeration of closely synchronized clocks in the form of Donut Particles. We know this as 'time'. In a future ThursdayThoughts we will find that 'time' does not flow as constantly as we might think.

If a clock is somehow forced to travel more slowly, that slowness propagates to neighboring clocks in some fashion.

Next week ThursdayThoughts explores the origin of gravity.

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